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Our main means of recognition and our most distinctive feature has been given a new look. By modernising and simplifying the logo, it has.. Read more arrow

Axjo attending the 3D-printer market with spools for 3D Filament

Based on our successful and eco-friendly spools, we have made a spool specially adapted for a whole new market... Read more arrow

Let us introduce you to the Axjo Concept Cube

By permitting efficiency, innovation and sustainability to govern the way we work, a platform has been developed... Read more arrow


Innovations for tomorrow

Axjo is a Swedish polymer company, founded in 1945. At an early stage we identified the potential to use plastic for packaging purposes and today we are the leader in drums, spools and reels in smart plastics.

Axjo has established long-term collaboration with a number of global companies that use our solutions in their production, solutions that not only improve cost efficiency but also a secure transition to a new era and new technology.

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