What worked well yesterday will not necessarily be the best solution tomorrow. As a global operator we realise the importance of assuming responsibility for how we work and, with this in mind, we have adopted a long-term approach to environmental and sustainability issues. This relates both to our products and our production process. Material selection and eco-design are key elements in product development. Environmental considerations, such as energy consumption and recycling conditions for both input materials and finished products, are incorporated into the design process. We realise the importance of viewing things from a life-cycle perspective in order to limit the use of hazardous substances and facilitate the return and recycling of our products. This is achieved in a variety of ways, including a recycling system where used products are collected and reused over and over again.



All of our products are manufactured using the same material, our own unique mono-material composite. By using the same material for the entire product we are better able to control the end result. Not only does the finished product have a high degree of precision, it is also easy to recycle. Mixed materials are avoided, thus eliminating the need to dismantle and sort materials prior to recycling. Instead, our drums can be recycled in one piece, saving time, resources and money.


Circular economy

This holistic approach to sustainability is integral to our working methods and encompasses what might be termed a circular economy. In principle, this involves moving away from linear production and instead working in a cycle where the same product remains within the system. Materials are collected, recycled and returned to the market. With intelligent material handling processes, we can also minimise wastage in production. Combined with carefully selected logistics solutions and a consistent attitude to sustainability, this approach allows us to make long-term strides toward minimalizing our environmental impact.


Logistics network

Sustainability is a constant factor at every stage of our operations, particularly when transporting our products. We are working to improve space utilisation in order to minimise volumes and weight during transport. Examples are stackable products and products that can be easily dismantled. We work with specially designed transport software that deals with everything from optimisation of products for container transport to ensuring that the product is the right size to fit on the end-customer’s shelf. With intelligent transport optimisation solutions, we are able to keep freight costs down, even for long-distance transportation.



Maintaining full control of our materials is a matter of course here at Axjo and yet we are virtually the only company on the market to do so. Full insight into the origin of materials, as well as their final use, means that we can keep tabs on our products all the way back to the production of the raw materials. This makes it easier for us to examine and trace products and materials as part of an error-identification process or in the event of any problems with a product. It is also further proof that the overall responsibility we assume for both our products and our manufacturing processes extends far beyond our own walls. 8


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