5S – Structure creates customer benefits

5S is a Japanese method for creating order and structure at the workplace - a set of rules that we have adopted at Axjo. The five "S" that we use to structure our everyday work are:  Sorting (seiri) - The ability to distinguish that which is necessary from that which is not. 
This applies not least to the tools and materials that are used at the workplace. Setting (seiton) - This means creating space for that which is necessary so that it is easily accessible; ensuring that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place. Sweeping (seiso) - By keeping everything tidy and organised on a regular basis we create structure. We clean a little every day and we undertake a more comprehensive cleaning operation every week. Standardising (seiketsu) - We use "To Do" lists to help us ensure that we take proper care of our machinery and premises on a daily basis. Sustaining (shitsuke) - This entails maintaining the order that we have created and improving our "To Do" lists step by step.



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