In a world marked by growing demands for efficiency, time and materials management are key elements that need to be factored into the manufacturing process. Our challenge is to find smart solutions that increase productivity. Experience has provided us with considerable knowledge regarding the needs of our customers. We have been able to develop products that have been specifically adapted in order to achieve greater productivity. For us, developing designs and materials is an ongoing process aimed at improving not only our own production flow, but also that of our customers. In our unceasing endeavour to become more efficient we have devised methods that make it possible to design customised solutions while maintaining competitive prices.


Weight reduction

Products that weigh less are at an obvious advantage when it comes to improving manufacturing efficiency, regardless of whether the focus is on manual or automated production. Our drums are currently between 50 and 60 percent lighter compared to those produced by most of our competitors. However, we are naturally far from satisfied. By employing a variety of technical solutions we are working constantly to optimise our products and reduce the weight of our drums even further.



The future is already upon us when it comes to creating customised production solutions at affordable prices. At Axjo we have fine-tuned our manufacturing processes so that we can customise products to your specific needs in an uncomplicated and efficient manner. The flexibility we are able to offer generates added value for our customers without necessarily increasing costs. Continuous development of our products means that we can create customised solutions based on a common platform. The result is simple yet ingenious – specialised solutions for the same price as standard ones.


Product design philosophy

Cable winding requirements are becoming stricter. However, if the packaging fails to achieve the same level of performance then cable-winding speed becomes irrelevant. Our production solutions have been designed with a focus on higher productivity and high levels of precision. Utilising our own mono-materials, we are able to use the same material at every stage of production. This results in a product that is both uniform and exact in its nature. The product will perform in exactly the same way each time it is used, generating up to 20 percent higher output without any unwelcome surprises during the winding process. Ultimately, this provides a product that is better both in terms of quality and sustainability when compared to products made of organic or mixed materials.


Global operation

Axjo operates in over 30 countries worldwide. This gives us an obvious advantage when it comes to proximity to our customers. The global scope of our experience means that we are accustomed to making all types of deliveries, whether they are large or small volumes. As companies develop globally, availability and on-site support are becoming increasingly important. As new markets emerge you can rest assured that Axjo is close at hand. With our expanding distribution capabilities, we are able to deliver more rapidly than any of our competitors and can also offer 24-hour support – worldwide.



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