Meet our people

We want to be able to share our employees journey at Axjo. From time to time we interview our employees from different departments to show the world who we are, what we like and what it's like to work at Axjo. 

Department in focus: Sales

Working at the sales department at a global company means that the whole world can be your office. Aldin and Kristin from our marketing department tells us how it is to have the workplace in their bag. Read more arrow

Department in focus: Accounting and Finance

What's actually happening at the finance department? We've talked to Sofie and Håkan from our finance department and got answers to both how to avoid the expiration of money and whether it is coffee or tea that applies to an economist. Read more arrow

Department in focus: Production

We have taken the temperature on our production department. What do they prefer? an ice cold holiday or a warm sunny holiday? Read more arrow

Department in focus: Workshop

These guys have been in the building since the early 80's. We've talked to Tommy and Christer from our workshop department and got answers about their maintasks at work and if they prefer a book or a movie? Read more arrow

Department in focus: Senior Management

We have interviewed our CEO and owner Jacob Nilsson and quality and HR-manager Helene Alklid. Click on the link below to read what they like best with their job! Read more arrow

Department in focus: Senior Management part 2

We continue to take the temperature of our employees, this time our CLO, Asmir Vuckic and COO, Anders Gaardsdal. Read more arrow


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