A unique concept that helps our customers to reach their sustainability targets

Axjo Greenology News Event

Sustainability has never been more relevant than it is today. Every industry is affected and any players that don’t get on board now will miss the boat and lose their competitive edge. For over 15 years, Sweden’s Axjo has been actively working to produce sustainable materials, with recycled raw materials and smart product solutions constantly driving sustainable development forward. Now they’re making a major push with their new sustainability concept being launched in the next few days; Axjo Greenology® Concept.

Essentially, it’s about daring to be open to change. Seeing how this development can contribute to more positive aspects throughout all operations. Innovation, efficiency and sustainability have long been keywords for Axjo in their development of customised packaging solutions. This has involved everything from technologies for weight reduction, monomaterial design and the use of 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycling). And with their sustainability concept, Axjo Greenology Concept, they’re taking the next step. By involving their customers in the development of the products, Axjo is pushing the industry to work with more sustainable materials and processes. Axjo Greenology Concept is largely about helping, educating, and driving sustainable development forward at the cable factories. The concept will be developed at various stages. For example, it could be about offering 100% recycled materials, or certified products, local suppliers or full control over processes and flows with life cycle analyses, etc.

‘The purpose of the concept is to make it easier for our customers to reach their sustainability goals. This will be adapted at different levels where, from a larger perspective, we can also work out an overall involvement where we develop completely customer-specific total solutions in collaboration with the customer’. Jacob Nilsson, CEO of Axjo.


Joint venture with Borealis, NKT and RISE
One example is the development of XLPE, where Axjo together with NKT, Borealis, and RISE, has designed a process in which cross-linked XLPE has been regenerated in new cable drums. Being able to take advantage of residual production scrap together with NKT, which would otherwise have become waste. The innovative products have been on the market for over a year, and both cable manufacturers and end-users have been very satisfied with the result. The re-use of 1,000 kg of XLPE provides a saving of 2,000 kg of CO2, helping our customers in terms of sustainability and profitability as the waste does not need to be sent to landfill or incinerated.


Axjo Greenology Index – a scoring system for products
The work on the new Axjo Greenology concept is based on the UN's climate goals, where we’ve selected a number of goals that we identified as having the greatest direct or indirect environmental impact. To make it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices, we’re launching Axjo Greenology Index as a part of our sustainability concept. The Axjo Greenology Index contains six different criteria in which everything from the origin of the raw material to the product's recycling potential is evaluated to create an average rating for each product.

‘The Axjo Greenology Index makes the positive impact of our products on the customer's sustainability goals very clear. Our plan is for us to be able to offer the Greenology Index on our entire product range before long. It will create a useful dialogue with the customer about the requirements that are placed on the product and how our product range is constantly evolving to meet an ever higher requirement for sustainability’. Jacob Nilsson, CEO of Axjo.


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