Axjo acquires world leaderwithin machine manufacturing for the cable industry!

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On Friday, February 16th 2018 an agreement was reached between Axjo Plastic AB in Gislaved and Windak AB. Axjo and Windak both focus on the cable industry and have co-operated for a long time. Now they take it another step which means greater benefits for the customer.

Windak is a privately owned Swedish company that started in 1994. Today they are a world leading manufacturer of cable industry machines. Axjo Plastic AB and Windak AB have signed an agreement in which Axjo Plastic acquires 24% of Windak. The acquisition is in Windak Holding AB and the sister companies Windak AB, Windak Inc, Windak Australia and Windak OU in Estonia. The Axjo Group adds another company to the Group, which today consists of the companies Axjo Plastic AB, ERS Sverige AB, Reelab AB and now also Windak.

"After working with Windak since 2003, it's extra fun to integrate our business more. There will be great advantages for our customers that the machines, already at the design table, are adapted to the correct cable coils. We will also implement new concepts where customers can pay "PAY by UNIT" and thus rent the machines instead of buying them." says Jacob Nilsson, CEO and owner of Axjo Plastic.

Windak has its headquarters in Järfälla, outside of Stockholm, and has approximately 67 employees distributed in Sweden, Estonia and the United States. The company has an approximate turnover of 97 MSEK. Like Axjo Plastic, Windak is a company focused on the cable industry.

"For Windak and for our customers, there are great benefits of closer cooperation. For example, we can construct concepts that reduce shipping costs for the coils properly by mounting the coils directly in the Windak machine. Axjo also has a good sales staff who can reach out, be more present with the customers and inform about all the new technical possibilities Windak has to offer." says Urban Bollö, CEO and partner of Windak AB.

Axjo Plastic, like Windak, is a privately-owned Swedish company that started in 1945 in Sweden. Axjo Plastic manufactures, markets and sells cable drums and other round packaging for cable, fiber and other string products. The company has its headquarters in Gislaved, but the group consists of almost 110 employees and has sales of almost 340 MSEK.