Department in focus: Senior Management part 2

Asmir Anders About us

We continue to take the temperature of our employees, this time our CLO, Asmir Vuckic and COO, Anders Gaardsdal.


What do you work with and how long have you worked for Axjo
I work as a logistics officer with my team. As I have only been at Axjo for just over two months, the focus has been entirely on getting into the job and learning how all the processes work. The focus is on facilitating the day-to-day work of my co-workers, and increasing customer satisfaction by creating an efficient, modern, and smart logistics solution.

What's the best about your job and your workplace? 
The best thing about my workplace is that I have learnt a lot in such a short time. I have many talented and knowledgeable colleagues who are extremely involved in their work, which makes it easier for me to grow in my own role. The best thing about Axjo is the huge rate of growth, which is still continuing, and the fact that the company is committed to development at all levels.

Three quick questions:
1. Book or movie? Movie, every day of the week. A movie tells more in a shorter amount of time. 
2. Coffee or tea? Coffee, it has become a habit.
3. Skiing holiday or sunny holiday? I like heat more than cold and so a holiday in the sun is more my thing



What do you work with and how long have you worked for Axjo?
I have been working at Axjo since 2014, when I started as plant manager at our facility in the United States. I moved back to Sweden in the summer of 2017, and since then I have been working on building up a technical team and focusing on our major investments.

What's the best about your job and your workplace?
I like the challenges that this work presents, and to constantly work with new technology.

Three quick questions: 
1. Book or movie? Movie. I find it difficult to get the peace and quiet for reading books. 
2. Coffee or tea? Coffee. It tastes good and keeps me awake!
3. Skiing holiday or sunny holiday? Holiday in the sun! I like the sun and it’s a lot easier to pack for a holiday in the sun since we have four children.