Innovator of the Year at the annual Business Gala

Jacob Affärsgalan2017 Event

Axjo Plastic AB won "Innovator of the year" at this years Business gala organized by Gislaved Näringsliv and Hestra Näringslivsförening.

The gala, that has been organized since 2011, was held at restaurant Isaberg Höganloft in Hestra on thursday 9th March 2017. Over 200 people had gathered to celebrate local talents and accomplishments. 

This years prizes were: Attractiveness of the year, Store of the year, Entrepreneur of the year and Innovator of the year. In addition to this, Gislaved Municipality also handed out this years tourism prize. New for this years gala was Eiron Andersson's memory prize that Gislaveds näringslivsförening has instituted. Axjo Plastic AB won the prize "Innovator of the year" with the motivation: "Innovator of the year is a company with strong customer focus. With products that are perceived as simple and secondary, the company has through innovative and proactive development taken a leading market position. Through functionality, quality and enviromental thinking this company has launched new models of their products and with demands coming from all over the world, the production facility in Gislaved is overcrowded.

Gislaved Näringsliv AB describe themselves as a company with a mission to create conditions for a positive development of the existing business and tourism in the municipality. They offer their professional help for those who want to start a business, grow their already existing business or help to establish yourself in the municipality of Gislaved. Gislaved Näringsliv is part of the Business Gnosjö Region project. The project aims to strengthen our viable business community in the Gnosjö Region. To achieve this, all participating partners work with competence provision, business intelligence, internationalisation, and attractiveness for the region. (Gislaved Näringsliv, Etableringsbroschyr Engelska)