Say hello to Isak Marelius, Axjo Academy

Isak Hemsidan About us

We build for the future with Axjo Academy

With the aim of hiring talents with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are eager to make our world a more sustainable place and ready to embrace new challenges in a high-tech production company, we launched the Axjo Academy Program in May 2021.

With Axjo Academy we want to take our social responsibility by educating talents and keeping the expertise in the local society and under the Axjo flag.

The Academy program extends over one year and is an individually designed program where theoretical courses together with universities and training centers are varied with practical assigned projects. At least one project is in one of our international locations. With the support of a mentor, the Axjo Academy program gives the participant the opportunity to get to know various parts of Axjo Group and to explore their potential and grow as a person.

Isak Marelius was the first participant to attend the Axjo Academy program, doing his year at the IT department. After completing the Academy, he is ready for new projects together with Axjo America.
Linus Hammarstig is taking the next step in his career through the Axjo Academy at the R&D department.


How long have you been working at Axjo and in which department?
My career here at Axjo started with me being a temporary worker for Junic back in late 2019. I worked for a couple of months before I got the opportunity to get employed by Axjo as an Operator. After a year as an Operator I got the offer to step up as a Process Operator, a role I filled for half a year before I took the leap into Axjo Academy.

What does it mean to you to be given the opportunity to attend Axjo Academy?
To put it simply; a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve always wanted to study IT and work in that field, and to get the chance to deep dive into it without having any prior work experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I got the question if I wanted to join I was overfilled with somewhat of a prideful feeling. It felt like all my prior work here had been acknowledged and that the company believed in me.

Three things that you will take with you after a year at Axjo Academy?
The three standout things for me would be; The importance of taking on as many small tasks as possible, for me the best step into this organization and learning the ins and out of how everything works has been to be hands on when errors or changes have occured. Not being afraid of asking questions, no one knows everything about everything. And to be able to grow into my role questions has had to be asked. Not being afraid of making misstakes. During this year I’ve made more misstakes than I’d like to publicly admit. Those misstakes have been all on my shoulders, I caused them therefore I’ve had to fix them. But in a cliche way that’s probably the absolute best learning experience, a tad bit of pressure and a small bit of self esteem on the line.