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HDPRO1200 1 20200214 HDPRO1200 3 20200214 HDPRO1200 5 20200214

Heavy Duty PRO1200

The Heavy Duty Pro drums are designed for customers who desire drums which can be used as both process and shipping drums. The Heavy Duty Pro Series was developed by improving upon the design of the Heavy Duty drums and processing reels. This is a product that can handle up to 1500 kg of cables (3300 lbs) and is cost effective as a one-way drum. The highly engineered flanges make the product extremely stiff during handling, but allow for flexibility in case of dropping a loaded drum. This product is available in multiple widths and can be configured with RFID tags, label plates, customers logos and other customer specific requests. The product is also recommended for multi-usage.

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Product features

Low Weight

Low weight

Constant weight and ergonomic design.

Unique Image

Unique image

This product can easily be customized with printed label plates or unique flange design for the filament spools.

Steel Bolt

Steel bolt

Drums are assembled by using steel bolts.

Draining Holes

Draining holes

Built-in drainage holes which keep your cable dry.

Possible To Repair

Possible to repair

This version can easily be repaired by e.g. changing the flange or barrel.



Resistant to the effects of bad weather, especially rain. Can tolerate extreme temperatures from -40ºC to +70ºC.

Uv Protection

UV protection

Resistant to ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight.

Flange Dimensions

Flange dimensions 795-1190

Available flange dimensions.

Barrel Dimensions

Barrel dimensions 450-630

Available barrel dimensions.

Center Hole Dimensions

Center hole dimensions 75-107

Available center hole dimensions.

Optional Colour

Optional colour

This product is available in a wide range of colors.

Returnable By Drumster

Returnable by Drumster

Can be used in returning systems.



This product is designed and recommended for multi-usage.



This product is 100% recyclable.