Axjo Guidings 2 24
Axjo Guidings 2 24


Axjo Guidings are pay-out tubes, mainly for CAT cables, although their area of use can be extended to security/alarm wires, building wires, etc. Your product, the cable or wire, is dispensed through the Guiding, offering easier handling during the installation process.

Axjo Guidings, the new pay-out tubes, are conical in shape to save on space during transportation and storage. They can be produced in different colours to match your company’s image, and are made entirely from recycled materials. They are all designed to keep material usage to a minimum. They are currently available in three sizes, Guidings Nano, Tube and 2 to suit all customer needs.

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Product features



Resistant to the effects of bad weather, especially rain. Can tolerate extreme temperatures from -40ºC to +70ºC.

Uv Protection

UV protection

Resistant to ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight.

Automatic Packing

Automatic packing

Designed for automatic winding machines.

Low Cost

Low cost

High quality products at low cost.

Optional Colour

Optional colour

This product is available in a wide range of colors.



This product is stackable and saves space during transport and storage.



This product is 100% recyclable.