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As of May 1st, Perstorp Plastic Systems products are a part of Axjo's standard offering. Explore the wide range of products under the Products menu


What we believe in

By permitting efficiency, innovation and sustainability to govern the way we work, we give our customers the opportunity to utilise our exceptional knowledge and high-tech production methods. There is no need for customised product solutions to be more expensive. Instead, we have made it more simple to create unique adaptations. Our Greenology concept gives our customers added value and support in a world where specially adapted and environmentally optimised solutions are standard.



A packaging solution from Axjo is developed here and now - designed to work today and in the future
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The way we work

Axjo is a global company. We operate in more than 58 countries with manufacturing facilities in Sweden, China, Portugal and the USA. We also have our own storage facilities throughout Europe, China and the USA. As a customer, you can always rely on us to have the capacity to accompany you out into the world and into new growth markets. At the same time, we can provide local service, right where it is needed most. Good service is vitally important to us. We promise to respond to service requests within 24 hours, guaranteeing that you always feel important.

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