Iso Webb


Our goal is that our customers should always feel secure when working with us. Quite simply, we are never better than our last assignment. It is only by supplying a total solution that meets our customer's expectations and requirements right down to the very last detail that we can earn the right to further business in the future. That is why we work continually with improvement and development projects within all areas of our business. 

For us, quality not only means complying with the requirements specified and delivering on time - it is a matter of attitude. It is therefore that our quality improvement work encompasses all aspects of our business, from our staff members to our customer contacts, project management, production, logistics and follow-up.



Sustainability Management

Lean production/5S – Structure creates customer benefits

5S is a Japanese method for creating order and structure at the workplace - a set of rules that we have adopted at Axjo. The five "S" that we use to structure our everyday work are: Sorting (seiri) - The ability to distinguish that which is necessary from that which is not. 
This applies not least to the tools and materials that are used at the workplace. Setting (seiton) - This means creating space for that which is necessary so that it is easily accessible; ensuring that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place. Sweeping (seiso) - By keeping everything tidy and organised on a regular basis we create structure. We clean a little every day and we undertake a more comprehensive cleaning operation every week. Standardising (seiketsu) - We use "To Do" lists to help us ensure that we take proper care of our machinery and premises on a daily basis. Sustaining (shitsuke) - This entails maintaining the order that we have created and improving our "To Do" lists step by step.