Design Philosophy



Patented assembly methods

Axjo has a number of patented assembly methods. Our most famous are Light, Micro and Nano.


Engravings or id-numbers

All our reels and drums can be supplied with engravings or ID-numbers.


Smooth design

All drums can be supplied with three different sizes of starting hole. All have a smooth design to reduce impact on the cable.


Cut-out for automatic windings machines

Cut-out for automatic winding machines, such as Windak and Müller. It is available on all Axjo reels.


Two-way starting hole

Two-way starting hole. The operator does not need to turn the drum in the machine. The operator can start from both sides.

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Built-in drainage holes

Drums over 500 mm have built-in drainage holes. This helps keep your cable dry.


Close to the flange

This cut-out allows the cable to be close to the flange.


Printed drum plates

To help our customers promote their brand, Axjo makes printed drum plates.


Best delivery drum solution

Axjo has the best delivery drum solution on the market for fiber producers. This is the fiber cut-out on a 700 drum. The fiber versions are available from 700-1190 mm.


Made with a draft

To reduce the risk of a stoppage in the winding equipment, our HD drums are made with a draft in the centre hole. This draft also increases the life span of the drum.



The fiber cover

The fiber cover is the best way to lock and protect the fiber end. For testing, simply unlock the cover
and pull the cable end.

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Lock the cable end

If you use manual winders, you can have holes to lock the cable end quickly and efficiently.