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Our drums are manufactured from polymer materials that satisfy and exceed the demands made on equivalent products made of plywood and wood. We also work unconditionally. We know that the standard varies depending on the market and that each company needs its own unique solution. Our drums have huge potential in a whole range of different product applications, including building wires, communication wires, fibre-optic cables, and microduct.

Cable drums are manufactured according to K, DIN and UNE standard but can also be specially adapted for different customers and markets. Our unique compound, consisting of 100% recycled material, offers a longer lifespan and makes it resistant to weather and other external influences. A plastic cable drum is also considerably easier to handle than older wooden drums. The smooth surface and exact dimensions allow more rapid, high precision winding. Our cable drums have an extremely flexible design and are available in dimensions ranging from 600 mm to 1190 mm. As one of the original driving forces behind Drumster, we can also offer a process that allows drums to be returned in conjunction with new purchases.