Optipac Hemsidan (1) Optipac Hemsidan
Optipac Hemsidan (1) Optipac Hemsidan


OptiPac is the new cable drum that, with its innovative design, creates significant advantages in terms of cost, transportation, and environmental impact. Thanks to its divisible construction consisting of four part, two flanges and two conical barrels, the OptiPac is easy to assemble and transportation-optimized, reducing the need for eight trucks to just one load.


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Product portfolio

Art. No Flange diameter (mm) Barrel diameter (mm) Central bore (mm) Outer width (mm) Inner width (mm)
312015010 1200 500 73 448 400 To product

Product features

Low Weight

Low weight

Constant weight and ergonomic design.

Unique Image

Unique image

This product can easily be customized with printed label plates or unique flange design for the filament spools.

Steel Bolt

Steel bolt

Drums are assembled by using steel bolts.

Draining Holes

Draining holes

Built-in drainage holes which keep your cable dry.

Possible To Repair

Possible to repair

This version can easily be repaired by e.g. changing the flange or barrel.



Resistant to the effects of bad weather, especially rain. Can tolerate extreme temperatures from -40ºC to +70ºC.

Uv Protection

Uv Protection

Resistant to ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight.

Flange Dimensions

Flange dimensions

Available flange dimensions.

Barrel Dimensions

Barrel dimensions

Available barrel dimensions.

Center Hole Dimensions

Center hole dimensions

Available center hole dimensions.

Optional Colour

Optional colour

This product is available in a wide range of colors.

Returnable By Drumster

Returnable by Drumster

Can be used in returning systems.



This product is designed and recommended for multi-usage.



This product is 100% recyclable.