Flatpac 5 (1) Products

This reel is not only innovative and trend-breaking, but also a first-class equipment for cable packaging.

In addition to the purely practical features in terms of smoother handling, ergonomic benefits and space savings both at Axjo and at our customers warehouse, this product is definitely a contribution to reducing the daily impact of our environment.

The product is especially suitable for users who want to focus on returning the reel from the field and back to the cable factory for reuse.

FlatPac 595 is delivered unassembled. The reel consists of two different components: one half of the tube and a flange. A complete reel consists of 2 tube halves and 2 flanges. During transport from Axjo to the customer, this concept gives a great saving since a significantly larger number of complete reels can be transported on the same surface as traditionally pre-assembled reels.

At the cable factory, it is assembled using an assembly fixture and then loaded with cable in the customer's production.

Here comes the next big advantage: The end customer has the opportunity to disassemble and return the reel in the same space-saving way as from the beginning. In normal wear and tear, the FlatPac 595 can be reused up to 5 times before sending it for recycling and, by extension, for the manufacture of new reels. Of course, the reel is made from a recycled material. It is either in 100% ABS or 100% Polypropylene.

Flat Pac is initially available with Ø 595 mm flange. In the next few years, we expect that this range will be offered in several different dimensions.