Sustainability Management


Responsibility and sustainability issues are an integral part of our values and culture and are incorporated into our policies, action plans and daily procedures. Axjo Plastic AB's policies regarding the environment, ethics, equality and discrimination cover the company's operations in both Sweden and the USA as well as our business partners' operations in other countries. The internal frameworks are in line with international norms, and since 2011 we follow Global Compact and the ten principles within the areas of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption. 

The work we do in relation to strategic sustainability issues is subject to half-yearly review, and our policies and guidelines are evaluated annually by the company's management team and Board of Directors and are revised as necessary. The Managing Director has the ultimate responsibility for the operational work, and all employees are expected tocontribute to the integration of sustainability measures and to accept responsibility in their daily work.

In addition to having values and policies as fundamental steering instruments in our organisation, Axjo Plastic AB also places demands on its suppliers and business partners. By supporting Global Compact we have, of our own free will, undertaken to work for human rights, fair working conditions, welfare and the prevention of corruption.

We are continuing our work with overall sustainability goals as a complement to the individual units' local environmental goals while at the same time stimulating the development of detailed goals and the implementation of concrete activities.

Active customer collaboration regarding sustainability

As developers and manufacturers of polymer products and systems, we have many customers within industries where sustainability issues are a high priority. For example, our customers place demands on us to ensure that we have implemented environmental management systems, that certain chemicals are not used in our processes, and that the majority of our products are produced using recycled raw materials.

Axjo Plastic AB is a leader within the area of self-compounded, recycled mono materials, and we currently run development projects with a number of world-leading cable works.

Customer requirements and reviews are conducted on an on-going basis, and the requirements are passed onto relevant suppliers as necessary.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The work with CSR at Axjo Plastic AB is reflected in the company's Equality Policy and our undertakings within the framework for Global Compact.

Gislaved, Sweden the 6th of January 2017

/Jacob Nilsson/

Managing Director