Fiberspole 1 Fiberspole3 Fiberspole Skum
Fiberspole 1 Fiberspole3 Fiberspole Skum


Fiber can be packed safely and cost effectively using our completely new Fiber Pac. This innovative reel has foam to protect the sensitive fiber, creating a very compact surface structure. The foam is entirely free of joints and provides excellent cushioning.

Production of our new Fiber Pac spool takes place using our own patented method. Fiber Pac offers a very high degree of precision during winding and a completely ecofriendly foam gives it a very compact surface structure. These features allow the fiber to be packed safely and without worrying about whether the cable is being damaged. The foam is injected onto the ABS reel, creating a mechanical interaction between the plastic materials in the flanges. Everything is designed to minimize the risk of cut fibers. The foam is also extremely resistant to scraping and the reel can be reused several times. Fiber Pac is available in different sizes and dimensions.

Product portfolio

Art. No Flange diameter (mm) Barrel diameter (mm) Central bore (mm) Outer width (mm) Inner width (mm) Winding volume (dm3)
226439040 264.5 170 25.5 170 149.5 4.82 To product

Product features

Fiber Compatible

Fiber compatible

This version is available with a larger barrel diameter and hasa smooth design to reduce the impact on the cable.

Unique Image

Unique image

This product can easily be customized with printed label plates or unique flange design for the filament spools.

One Piece

One piece

One piece design has a totally smooth surface and is without any parting lines or joints between flange and barrel.

Super Low Weight

Super low weight

50% lower weight.

Returnable By Drumster

Returnable by Drumster

Can be used in returning systems.



This product is 100% recyclable.