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What we believe in

By permitting efficiency, innovation and sustainability to govern the way we work, we give our customers the opportunity to utilise our exceptional knowledge and high-tech production methods. There is no need for customised product solutions to be more expensive. Instead, we have made it more simple to create unique adaptations. Our Greenology concept gives our customers added value and support in a world where specially adapted and environmentally optimised solutions are standard.
Innovation 2


With innovation as a common thread running through every aspect of our operations, we are able to offer solutions that provide benefits on all levels. We have over 800 individual products, optimised for all areas of use. A packaging solution developed by Axjo is designed to meet your needs both now and in the future. Using our own green compounds, we are able to adapt material to achieve the best possible result, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of what is best to ensure a sustainable future. We have also developed a whole new series of logistics-enhancing products.

Efficiency 2


We live in a world marked by a growing demand for efficiency, and time and materials management are key elements that need to be factored into the manufacturing process. Our challenge is to find smarter solutions that increase productivity. We have been able to develop products that have been specially adapted to achieve greater productivity and a more efficient logistics flow. This includes up to 60% lower weight and products that offer greater precision and performance. Global operations in over 50 countries have allowed us to build up extensive knowledge about the needs of our customers and provide them with products adapted specifically to their requirements. The flexibility we can offer generates added value for our customers without necessarily increasing costs.

Sustainability 2


What worked well yesterday will not necessarily be the best solution tomorrow. As a global operator, we realise the importance of assuming responsibility for the way we work. By using 100% recycled materials in our products and carefully monitoring our carbon footprint in our delivery chain, we can support our customers with products with exceptionally low environmental impact for a green future. We call this concept Greenology. This also includes engineering methods designed to find ways of removing scrap from customer sites and transforming it into a valuable resource that can be used in the end product.