Flatpack Snäppe 21


We have the widest range of reels for the cable industry on the market. At present there are more than 500 different types. The reels satisfy the same requirements as wood fiber-based material in terms of load capacity. Our reels are also available in more precise dimensions, facilitating both production and installation.

Our reels are manufactured according to K, UNE and DIN standards but can also be specially adapted to different customers and markets. Apart from being considerably lighter than the older wooden reels, plastic reels are also more weather-resistant. They do not absorb moisture and they are designed to be self-draining, retaining their low weight whatever the conditions. Heavy, wet, mouldy materials that risk disintegrating are becoming a thing of the past.The UV-resistant plastic can tolerate extreme temperatures – from as low as -40°C up to as high as +70°C. The low weight  also facilitates rapid, ergonomic handling during production, transport, installation, and winding. The products are arranged into five categories: Light, Micro, Seamless, Nano and FlatPac. Each version is designed for different areas of use and to satisfy specific customer requirements.