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Containers and Bins

We provide a complete and modern container and Bin system that can be stacked with other models on the market and can be produced using 100% Greenology material.

Our small storage systems, consisting of storage and modular bins as well as storage trays in various designs, follow the current industry standard. The bins are Swedish-made and co-stack with other models on the market. Available in four different shelf depths and with accessories such as lengthwise and straight dividers. They are also possible to produce in 100% Greenology material.


Greenology Materials
Product development with green materials is a matter of course for us at Axjo. By utilizing materials that have completed their life cycle, we can create new environmentally beneficial materials with improved properties. Replacing virgin raw materials through efficient recycling contributes to our ability to offer innovatively sustainable products with a reduced climate footprint.


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Small Storage Sollutions


Store it System