Material FINAL

G4 material compound

G4 - our new material
Recycled beverage cartons form the foundation of our new G4 compound, where, through collaboration with TetraPak and our in-house knowledge, we create compounds with unique properties that are a significant asset to the circular system through our products manufactured exclusively from recycled materials. We actively work to promote the green transition by producing sustainable packaging solutions for various types of cables across a wide range of industries. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing with recycled materials, we are constantly striving to develop new circular solutions through partnerships with existing and new partners. Our products are designed to be used multiple times before reaching their recycling phase. When products are recycled, the materials are transformed into new products by us, through our closed-loop system. Our closed-loop system is a central part of our operations and contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. Leveraging our experience with recycled materials, we develop Greenology Compounds with a low carbon footprint, and we look forward to bringing you along on this journey.


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