Cutting edge of new technology

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If the aim is to have a production system that is at the cutting edge of new technology, automation could be the ideal solution.

In recent years there have been major periods of expansion in machinery development and assembly, which have led to the emergence of a large number of new cells with a high degree of automation. At the same time, we have invested in equipment to improve the availability and safety of the machinery. The benefits of automation are many. A robot can perform activities that are difficult, monotonous, or even dangerous. It can do so in a variety of ways without burdening the operator. An automated facility can in many cases help with quality monitoring and packing, where operators only need to make the final checks, present a report to the warehouse, and take care of plasticisation. This enables us to reduce the workload and staff numbers in production, and in doing promote a good working environment.

On the other hand, we have noticed that the greater the degree of automation, the greater the demands we make on ourselves. As we have chosen to purchase solutions in combination with our goal of maintaining a flexible machine park where our products can be run on a range of machines, this demands short lead times from our suppliers. With the need for a rapid turnaround and suppliers who are very busy, this has not always been easy. At the same time, the investment rate has gone beyond our internal level of competence, and starting up our own automation department was an easy choice.

Axjo Automation aims to promote established business goals. There will be a firm focus on process and quality assurance of existing and future production cells within the group. With the company’s front-end expertise in packaging products for the cable industry, its injection-moulding expertise, and a future increase in automation expertise, we are convinced that we all will benefit from this – from production staff through to the customer.