Company with the most modern material handling products becomes a new member of the Axjo Group

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A few days ago it became clear that Perstorp Plastic Systems AB (PPS) in Malmö will become a part of Axjo Group. The market’s most modern material handling products are now being produced in Sweden’s most efficient injection molding plant. Axjo and PPS see their common denominator in the constant drive forward and the willingness to invest and develop their offer and their products. This in combination with Axjo’s modern and automised factory and strong material knowledge seems to be a winning concept.

“PPS with its long experience of material handling becomes a natural part of our business area Axjo Packaging. We see many opportunities to establish a very stable production together given the large production capacity which we will inaugurate in 2021. PPS many innovative products in combination with our long experience of product development with recycled materials, allows us to develop the product range in a really good way. ” says Jacob Nilsson, CEO of Axjo Group.

The two companies have the common history of having worked long with smart packaging solutions. It’s not just about storage, but also about solving the customer’s entire cycle of material handling, from logistics to collection of used products for reuse and recycling. “We have many common driving forces, not least when it comes to creating customised solutions, and we see many synergies in both production capacity and sales networks.” says Wiking Henricsson, current Chairman of the Board and responsible for strategic development at PPS. 

Axjo has for over 15 years worked actively to develop sustainable materials where recycled raw materials and smart product solutions constantly pushed the sustainability development forward. Their well-developed sustainability concept Greenology ( gives them a prominent position regarding sustainable solutions. With that being said, Axjo sees a great development potential in PPS production and manufacturing. One example are products that today are made from virgin raw materials. These have all the possibilities to instead be manufactured in recycled materials.

In connection with PPS now becoming part of the Axjo Group, they will become a fully integrated company with its own production and warehouse/logistics function. It will be a great benefit to both existing and new customers. As an own producer with a new factory facility to be inaugurated in June 2021 on 20,000 m2 with machines from 120 to 1,600 tons, the company will be able to operate projects in material handling of significantly larger products than current systems that have so far focused on small parts storage.

Axjo Group AB, founded in 1945 and headquartered in Gislaved, Sweden, has for many years been one of the leading manufacturers of packaging for the cable industry at the company’s factories in Sweden, USA and China. Our values include innovation, quality, efficiency and sustainability where the customer is in focus for new product solutions. The group also includes the companies Axjo America, Axjo Pacific, Reelab and Drumster.

PPS’s vision is to be the customer’s innovative partner as well to lead the development of plastic-based material handling. This by always prioritizing the environment, ergonomics, quality and user-friendliness in terms of product design, production and logistics. PPS offers a large series standard products in the areas of materials handling and logistics, and also offers special solutions when needed.

The new company will continue to be called Perstorp Plastic Systems AB (PPS) and organizationally it will be another subsidiary in the Axjo Group. PPS’s existing organization remains the same in the future in the new company with Mats Rabe as responsible for marketing and sales, Wiking Henricsson for strategic development and Li Hui for purchasing and logistics. The company’s sales resources in France, Spain and the BeNeLux countries also remain the same but the company will now also be able to benefit from Axjo’s global network for marketing and sales.


For more information contact:

Jacob Nilsson, CEO, +46 (0)371 58 67 40,

Wiking Henricsson, Strategic Business Development, +46 (0)705 92 48 01,

Mats Rabe, CSO, +46 (0)371 412 71,

Dijana Bjelovuk, Project Manager, +46 (0)371 412 72,