Linus Hammarstig, Axjo Academy

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Hello Linus

Say hello to Linus Hammarstig, who is taking the next step in his career through the Axjo Academy at the R&D department.


How long have you been working at Axjo and in which department?
I started working at Axjo in 2017 in the summers while I still was in school and did so until 2020. Under these three years I worked as an operator and did extra work that needed to be done. After I finished school I continued working at Axjo but in the material department. I worked there for almost two years before joining Axjo Academy.

What does it mean to you to be given the opportunity to attend Axjo Academy?
It means a lot! It`s a fantastic opportunity where I get to work and learn from very skilled people within the R&D department and
at the same time get education externally.

What are your expectations of Axjo Academy?
My own expectations on Axjo Academy is to learn a great deal this year and to have some fun on the way!